Perception IS reality, based on point of view.

      Parallax Public Relations - Agents of Change

At Parallax Public Relations, we are Agents of Change

Parallax Public Relations was founded on the principle that if "Perception Is Reality", changing peoples' points-of-view alters those perceptions, and, therefore, the "reality" of who you are and what you have to offer. Let's Change It for the Better.

At Parallax Public Relations, we are committed to driving your business growth through more effective communications with the people that most strongly influence your customers, prospects, partners, investors and employees.

Focused on assessment of your audiences and the behavioral changes that you want to effect in them, we partner closely with your organization to determine how best to map demonstration of and education of your value to their needs.

Effecting these changes in behavior, we believe, is the ideal outcome for all corporate corporate communications.

Areas of Focus

  • Social Media Program Development
  • Media Relations
  • Analyst Relations
  • Message Development
  • Media & Speaker Training
  • Video Production & Staff Training
  • Corporate Photography